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Can an Unnecessary Chamber Treatment Be Harmful?

Hyperbaric Oxygenation
Can an Unnecessary Chamber Treatment Be Harmful?
       If you didn't have decompression sickness and entered a recompression chamber for
       treatment, is it possible to have any medical problems due to entering the chamber when
       it was not needed?
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  Treating decompression illness (decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism) is just one of the
  uses for recompression chambers. They are now being used to treat quite a few other illnesses. In the
  United States, chamber treatment is approved by Medicare for some 13 conditions.
  Being compressed in a chamber is in essence a "dry dive" without the dangers of being in a watery, alien
  environment. You would, however, be subjected to the same risks of barotrauma to air-containing body
  spaces and the possibility of ear, lung and sinus problems. If 100 percent oxygen were being used, you
  would also be at risk of oxygen toxicity if the oxygen intervals and pressure were not properly controlled.
  Some side effects of hyperbaric oxygenation treatment include seizures and lung damage from oxygen
  toxicity, finger numbness, inflamed middle ear and refractive changes in the lens of the eye. 

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