Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Pre-Dive Risk Assessment
Things divers need to consider in prevention of diving accidents:
1. Careful selection and predive physical examination of the divers.
2. Careful selection of the appropriate equipment and gas mixtures for the dive.
3. Careful predive planning to identify potential problems and formulate contingency plans.
Physical standards of divers can be found on this web site in many places. Generally, the requirement is for a vigorous, emotionally mature individual free of any systemic disease or conditions that are well-controlled. Dives should not be undertaken with temporary acute illnesses, such as ENT
infections, hangovers, substance abuse, bronchitis or 'pneumonia', seasickness or excessive fatigue.
Careful evaluation and control of the type of Underwater Breathing Apparatus to be used on the dive.
References here include:
US Navy Diving Manual - Various Volumes.
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