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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Increase
In some areas of the world where medical fitness is more stringently regulated than the US, a high BMI (body mass index) would deter one from diving. Complicating conditions of adiposity include diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia or hypertension and their associations with coronary artery disease. The BMI is important to divers due to the fact that people with high BMI are more prone to coronary artery disease and an untoward coronary event while diving. A BMI above 30 kg/m2 is thought to be excessively risky for diving. Of course, measured %BF can sometimes show that the diver is quite large and muscular and this needs to be taken into consideration. Figure your BMI by going to this web site:
Appetite Suppressants
Medications given for appetite suppression also have a risk for diving in that most have psychotropic effects and can cause elevated blood pressures. The possible ill effects of nitrogen added to the drugs are not known.
DAN 's Report on DCI and Diving Fatalities for 2000 shows a high incidence of cardiovascular disease fatalities in divers over the past 9 years, surpassed only by AGE in 1998. 

The overweight person as also at increased risk for diabetes. Unknown and untreated diabetics are at risk for wide swings in blood sugar levels, often brought on by stressful situations such as diving and cold water. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is a risk factor for divers, known to cause drowning and gas embolism on ascent. 

Decreased pulmonary function (hypoxia, CO2 retention) 
The obese diver would be at risk for carbon dioxide retention and hypoxia due to decrease in all parameters of pulmonary function. This would be highly variable with the individual and would require PFTs to determine the real risk. Pulmonary function tests that are more than two standard deviations from normal would indicate high risk. Low vital capacity and FEV1 would be indicators of possible increased risk. 

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