Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Protective Garments Selection
Selection should be for protection against thermal insult,  dangerous marine life, cuts and abrasions, chemical and microbiologic pollution.
NOAA Diving Manual: Diving for Science and Technology, 3rd Edit. Oct, 1991.
Hayes, P: Thermal Protectiuon Equipment, In Rey L: Arctic Underwater Operations. London. Graham and Trotman, 1985.
Predive planning includes:
---Proper scheduling to avoid fatigue, to remain within O2 limits, and to avoid excessive decompression obligations.
---Consider water temperature, current, workload and visibility.
---Maximize efficiency and safety by careful division of each diver bottom time packet.
---Thorough knowledge of all equipment to be used by the divers and support personnel. 
---A thorough knowledge of the decompression schedules must be obtained by all concerned.
---Preparation to diagnose and treat all diving accidents as they arise. 
---Proper diagnostic and therapeutic equipment must be on the scene and operable.
---Have proper communications setup with backup medical and recompression facilities.
---Have a transport plan available.
---Have a source of 100% oxygen available during transport.

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