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Head Injuries Improved With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Head Injuries Improved With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The head trauma sustained during a motor vehicle accident is the most common killer among young adults, the aged and children. Getting medical treatments to this area of the body is paramount because the brain resides in this location and any brain function loss could mean loss of several motor skills as the minutes tick by. Injuries of the head and body were found to have improved significantly with hyperbaric oxygen therapy administered at local hospitals.

Patients are placed in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber and infused with a moderate pressure environment that is filled with 100 percent pure oxygen. The patient can be conscious or unconscious when hyperbaric oxygen therapy is given. These treatments could continue at home while the patient is recovering from surgery and while at the hospital being treated by physicians for injuries sustained in any accident. Most people would associate hyperbaric treatments with diving accidents. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will also prove beneficial for treatment of migraines, autism, Parkinson’s disease and a realm of other ailments.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are available for rent through private vendors by the month or the oxygen therapy units can be purchased outright for long-term home care needs. Patients feel relief from many ailments after experiencing one treatment in the hyperbaric chamber. Patients are not tasked to perform but one function while in the chamber and that is to breathe.

Masks are worn while inside the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber in order to receive the influx of pure saturation of oxygen to the body. The overall experience achieved during and after the time in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber will be excellent and previous users have stated that they felt elated and euphoric afterwards. Most of all, healing of the injuries was noted and pain levels had decreased. To those afflicted with head injuries that had received hyperbaric oxygen therapies, they felt that their head injuries had improved greatly. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has improved many lives.

Patients with head injuries are in a debilitated state when they come out of surgery. Lots of healing must take place and the first location that many surgeons like to send their patients is to the hyperbaric oxygen treatment room. Organs are saturated with life healing oxygen and the brain is but one organ that benefits from this type of oxygen therapy first and foremost. The Food and Drug Administration has approved hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy for any ailments and others will be added to the list in time.

Portable units of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber feature no straps or buckles. They are lightweight and measure 36 inches in diameter. At 108 inches long, it can accommodate individuals of any height and the strong materials can accommodate a varying level of weight limits in the patients that use it. There are viewing windows on the hypobaric oxygen therapy system which makes it perfect for people who have visitors throughout the day. Head injuries take time to heal, and these units can speed that process along considerably.

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